FurPro – tailored nutrition for mink and fox

FurPro is a feed ingredient for fur animal farming. It is a high quality feed with high digestible protein and fat composition. FurPro is offered in various protein and fat compositions, going from high protein and low fat to low protein and high fat content. FurPro can be supplied either as fresh warm finished product or as plate frozen.

FurPro is used by farmers to optimize the quality of the fur, the size of the skin, and thus the value of the skin. FurPro has shown superior performance on all parametres.

FurPro is produced either directly in the slaughterhouse, or in our factory in Aabybro (Denmark) and made from Danish Crown quality products only, ensuring a natural and completely transparent feed from farm to finished product. FurPro is made from materials under veterinarian inspection.

Using FurPro contributes into valorizing Danish Crown products, increasing the use of natural resources, bringing them into higher utility.

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