Cooperation on Protein Fortified Food

Danish Crown Ingredients and Tulip Food Company join forces to develop protein fortified products for malnourished elderly people. At first the concept will be tested in soups.

Although many elderly people feel well and well-nourished the lack of protein is a widespread phenomenon among people over 65 years old. In the Western part of the world more than 10 per cent of the elderly are malnourished, and in hospitals and elderly care the figure is above 50 per cent.

The poor state of nutrition is caused by a vicious circle of lacking appetite and reduced physical activity and consequences are among others poor well-being, increased diseases and worse quality of life.
It is scientifically documented that consumption of animal protein has a positive effect on malnourished elderly people and Tulip Food Company and Danish Crown Ingredients therefore join forces to develop a range of protein fortified food. Initially soups will help increase protein consumption of the elderly.

- The project target is to contribute to increased protein nutrition among the elderly as part of their daily diet. Tulip Food Company wishes to look into the market potential of a range of new products combining high food quality and taste with protein fortification of high biological value, says project manager Lisbeth Bisgaard Thomsen, who is Innovation Manager in Tulip Food Company.

Funding from Green Growth
The project receives funding from the Danish Business Authority programme Green Growth and the partnership consists of a mix of companies and knowledge institutions.
Danish Crown Ingredients is together with Aarhus University and Danish Meat Research Institute responsible for the technological development of processed protein ingredients from excess slaughter material. The primary task of Tulip Food Company is to use the protein in the development of new high-protein products, which will later be tested among users in cooperation with Danish hospital Herlev Hospital.

- We are delighted that we have obtained funding from Green Growth as this marks an important recognition of Danish Crown Ingredients as principal organiser in creating new high value use of various nutrient-rich abattoirs material that has so far only had limited use for human nutrition, says Jan Boeg Hansen, CEO DC Ingredients.

The project runs for two years and both Tulip Food Company and Danish Crown Ingredients see interesting international business perspectives in creating a new platform for both ready to serve meals and ingredients. The work entails among others the opportunity of further developing protein fortified food for other consumer groups as well as protein ingredients could potentially reduce the need for non-animal additives in food.

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