Danish Crown Ingredients

Advancing Danish Crown’s resources - naturally

Danish Crown Ingredients is an ingredient company within the Danish Crown Group. With its fully integrated supply chain that involves 22 slaughterhouses in the EU, Danish Crown is the world’s largest pork exporter and a leading supplier of beef products for Europe’s retail trade, foodservice, and food industry with retail presence in more than 130 countries. Danish Crown Ingredients is producing food and feed grade ingredients and manages the sales of sidestream raw materials from Danish Crown. 

Danish Crown Ingredients is developing novel feed and food ingredients based upon side streams from the many Danish Crown slaughterhouse operations.  Danish Crown Ingredients is a catalyst for new and bio-economical use of existing resources, developed in close collaboration with research institutions and our customers. Danish Crown Ingredients builds upon Danish Crown’s high quality standards and delivers ingredients from a fully integrated supply of food grade meats, and raw materials subjected to the strictest veterinary inspections and certifications.

Ingredients for health and appetite for life

A central focus area for Danish Crown Ingredients is to contribute to the development of specific, nutritious, and health promoting nutrition, including finding ways to include meat proteins in food and supplement products.